Video List

All the video’s are in the same order as this list.

01 Divining Archaeology

02 Girl Water Diviner (1954 Pathe News)

03 Basic Pendulum Dowsing Intro with Sig Lonegren

04 John Baker – Professional Dowser

05 Improve Your Life Through Dowsing by David Schultz

06 How Does Dowsing Work – Paul H. Smith

07 Your Soul Connection – Dowsing 101 -learn how to dowse

08 Aurameter – Dowsing

09 Water Dowsing Expert Jack Coel Proves Skill

10 Dowsing : A short documentary clip

11 How To Make Inexpensive Dowsing Rods

12 Pendulum dowsing by Dr. Gokhale

13 Use Dowsing Rods To Read the Human Aura Energy Field

14 How to use a Pendulum to get answers from your Subconscious