Gilly, St. Keverne – Stone Circle & Abandoned Medieval Village Visits:- April 6th, 2014 July 11th, 2014

GuillyOur first visit, amazingly in some drizzle then rain, that thankfully cleared up, was exploratory. To find out what was there, at a site that has turned out to be a “complex” of a large area, many ages, not archeologically discovered, or recorded. “Wow”, Sandy, from the Henhouse exclaimed, at one stage “this is the best day`s out of dowsing we `ve ever had out with you”. We have here, a medieval village, “Gilly” abandoned after a late plague, Circa 17th Century, and the adjacent fields of stone scatter, plus, nearby, a settlement that is now a holiday-let:-” Kilter”.

It was the iron age round houses and the stony fields that attracted us. A stone circle was thought to exist in two fields, with outlier stones. A large Menhir in the one field was of great interest, since it is unrecorded. Preliminary, we thought we had an early bronze age circle in the one field. An alignment was discovered that was directly on the East-West equinox line. This was two stones from the circle, through the standing stone in the next field that continued onto Crousa Common Stone row, and onto a tumuli on Goonhilly common.

Gilly,the village, was festooned in primroses gleaning through luminous moss. Visually a delight. A medievalist`s wonderland, waiting to be explored. We`ve referred this site (Gilly) to the local archaeological group – Meneage Archaeological Society (MAG) and its` Archaeologist for further exploration and surveying.
The bronze and iron age settlement plus the circles are in need of clarification, so we are going to return with “flags”, to sort out what actually is going on there. We are happy that this site had a working stone circle, and was used for ritual back in the Bronze age. It has “brought in” stones, amongst the field stones, and the solitary Menhir has been also “brought in” and precisely placed.

Return to Guilly, 11th July 2014

A fine-weather humid day with a smaller group of dedicated dowsers and “flags” to sort out the puzzlement of four of the fields in the area. Our first field was the one to the South with a triangular stone that was an outlier from the “Circle” field. This stone ponted to 120 degrees South East. So, aligned to Winter Solstice sunrise, which would have arisen over the sea.

The “Menhir” field. It was thought there may have been the remains of a Circle here. Our dowsing revealed there was one, if you wanted one. Although eight energy lines we radiating into the Menhir, we decided that a possible circle was inconclusive.

Next to “Menhir” field, is one to the East of interesting stone scatter. We noticed two “brought in” stones an an alignment of 340 degrees North-east. They both dowsed 5 transmission lines, and “threw ” us off when leaned on. We eventually sorted this field out as “of the dead”. It had the remains of ploughed out buriel cairns across it, and we were able to dowse “entrances”, and cremated remains. We eventually had to leave this field as we were experiencing difficulty in breathing, and were physically not enjoying our “stay”.

The “Stone Circle” field.
Ah, the wonder of flags. Our dowsing revealed that there were two seperate buriel cairnes in this field. One at the edge of the circle, the other inside. Both at a later date to the circle .ie., iron age. (Not common in Cornwall, but they have this in Ireland) We also had a large retangular recumbant stone, just outside the circle. The circle, could now be plainly seen. We were satisfied there is a circle here,( while it may not satify the Academics, or Purists), and that the Lizard now has a Stone Circle, and unlisted Menhir. We also note that the early round houses and settlement, that would be the “ritual and ceremonial users” of the Circle, are also unrecorded.

On the way back to our cars, Edith wandered into an unxplored field…. urging us to follow. More stones…the remains a capstone, a barrow, hut circles?….Oh, wonderful. We are going back agin.

Our thanks to Andy and Emma Tyler for their kind permission to visit this site.