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Tendrine Hill & Barrow, June 2011

June 2011

On April 10th the West Cornwall Dowsers met up on a beautiful sunny and warm day at Eagles Nest above Zennor, and made their way up to Sperris Quoit, previously visited in August 2010 [see MM74 p.2]. The tor above the site had a flat rock that Paul Bonnington had suggested was the original excarnation platform for bodies, the bones of which were subsequently placed inside the Quoit, and this was confirmed by the dowsers. They then followed the newly-cut path that ran through Sperris Settlement, and found the lovely energy spots previously identified there. There was a suggestion that this was the spiritual centre of the site. On to Trendrine Hill for lunch, where the entrance grave was dowsed, and an original entrance passage facing NW was suggested. The Trendrine Hill ley alignment leading back to Zennor Quoit could be clearly seen from here [see MM61 p.20]. Finally, on the way back, an unusual stone complex on the side of Sperris Hill dowsed as the remains of another Quoit [SW4697 3838], with traces of inhumations. If this is correct, then this makes three quoits in a triangular pattern, all in a small area, with Zennor Quoit intervisible from both Sperris Quoit and this one at Sperris Hill. The sequence of construction dowsed as being first Sperris, then Zennor, then Sperris Hill. An unexpected discovery that rounded off a lovely day.

Kus-skewes Farm, Sunday June 10th 2012

Sunday June 10th 2012

Day Out at Kus-skewes Farm, on Sunday June 10th,2012, courtesy of Alan Neal who joined us for the day.
It opens with the map of the farm, then follows the day to the dowsing of a “past” Burial Mound,
with its underground chamber,
which we flagged out, and ends with the “feasting”.
Another good dowsing memory.

Again, out thanks and appreciations to David & Mandy for hosting this event.
And Alan for the photos.


Caer Bran, Sunday, April 1st 2012

April 1st  2012The Summer 2012 season started on April 1st (no fooling!) with West Cornwall Dowsers at Caer Bran hill fort in West Penwith, where they were rewarded with an excellent day’s dowsing. Firstly, everyone found themselves standing on an energy line from the neighbouring hill of Chapel Carn Brea to Carn Brea hill near Redruth, dubbed with great creativity ‘The Carn Brea line’! This line had a very happy feel to it, and people seemed reluctant to move away [photo above].
Later the positions of the three ring cairns on the hill were dowsed, and at one of them (the western one) two energy lines were found to cross: one running in an east-west direction from St.Michael’s Mount to Chapel Carn Brea, and the other in a north-south direction from Carn Kenidjack (above Tregeseal circle) to the Merry Maidens stone circle above the Lamorna gap, all these sites very visible on this clear day.
The other finds of great interest there were two fallen stones, which dowsed as being prehistoric, on the south side of the enclosure. One was a toppled 8ft standing stone at SW4075 2899, and the other the possible capstone of a Quoit at SW4075 2898, with some other remains of the structure nearby [photo left]. There were no other stones lying about in the vicinity, adding weight to this interpretation, which if verified would be a major find.