Alsia Well, November 2012

Trevor at Alsia well (3) - CopyIn November 2012, the West Cornwall Dowsers started their winter program. Their first outing of the season attracted over adozen people on a lovely clear crisp day to Alsia Well, courtesy of the owner Trevor Rogers. Trevor took the dowsers to the field above the well that had been field-walked in the past and many flints found. Then it was down to the well itself, where he gave a history of the site and other interesting ideas. Finally, he took them across the stream to an area that he thought had originally been a meeting place. The dowsers did indeed find traces of an original spring around which people had gathered, and themselves naturally formed a circle in this enchanting  place. Lunch was taken in Trevor’s house that he had built himself from an old Granary, and afterwards everyone dowsed around the place. The course of the Mary line was found, as it braided itself around the well and then ran down into the valley of Alsia Mill on its way to St.Buryan. In addition another water line was found travelling through the edge of a barn and down to the well. And finally, traces of six or seven Iron Age hut circles were found in the field above the well. Later some of the group looked around the house, and finished an excellent day’s dowsing by visiting the Celtic cross up the road.