Tingling stone, Rosewall Hill (1)

Welcome to the West Cornwall Dowsers – we are a group of like-minded Diviners who meet for regular out-door field trips to the ancient sites, churches, wells and curiosities in the West of Cornwall, from Bodmin Moor to the tip of Land`s End.
We got together back in April 2006, and have gone on to research and investigate the known and lesser-known landmarks of our area, and are making some note-worthy archaeological discoveries along the way..for instance, finding lost standing stones and pre-historic track-ways, all of which have been freshly recorded.  This is as well as exploring ley lines, earth energies, mysteries, legends and folklore.
We meet at 11 o`clock on a Sunday, at least once a month, at the nearest car-park or lay-by to our chosen “location” to be dowsed. Always with a packed lunch, and suitable clothing and footwear for the Cornish weather and it`s rugged terrain.
You are welcome to join us on our “Dowsing-day Out”, whatever your ability, experienced or novice, local or “just visting”. We are a friendly bunch of mixed ages who enjoy our “divine dowsing”.
Co-ordinator:- Bart O’Farrell
Telephone:- 01326 281139

Visitors to Cornwall

If you are planning a visit to Cornwall, or just want to learn more about the county, you must take a look at our links page. It doesn’t matter what your interest may be, we should have it covered, from birds and wildlife, stunning natural views, archaeology, history, right through to mystery and magic, all to help you fully enjoy Cornwall’s natural beauty.